about Richardson Pinball Inc

It all started back in 1979 when my friend Randy took me to the 8th avenue mall arcade in Calgary to play a Williams Gorgar. indiana jones pinball promo posterThe brand new game was in the show room window of the arcade, proudly displaying the first talking pinball. Although it only said seven words the thumping heart and booming voice of Gorgar got me hooked. In my teens my friends and I would often spend our Friday and Saturday nights battling it out in the arcades. Costing only about five dollars per night we would stay and play for hours. I was always captivated by pinball and despite the closing of many arcades in the 80’s and not playing pinball for a while, it never left my heart.

When the opportunity to buy a 1980 Williams Black Knight presented itself in 1993 I couldn’t resist. After buying my first pinball I was once again enthralled by the game and soon after bought a 1986 Williams Sorcerer. It was in rough shape, covered in grime with heavy playfield wear. Seeing potential in the old, abused game I decided to try to restore it. After ten months of hard work the result was beautiful. After some time a friend took interest in the restored game and I ended up selling it to him. I figured since I sold that game I deserved to buy another. Next came a 1993 Williams Indiana Jones prototype. Just like the Sorcerer, this game was filthy, except this one also came with a few minor technical issues with the flippers. I put over 100 hours into rebuilding and redeeming the game, the outcome was a pinball that looked like it just came from the factory. The aspect of fixing the flippers peaked my interest and this is when I decided to learn the technical part of fixing pinball machines. history of pinball link

Through reading technical books, seminars, the internet and hands on teaching I taught myself how to fix pinballs. This passion and newly acquired knowledge led to the birth of my company in November 2001. I still worked a full time job so Jay Richardson Pinball Inc. only got part time attention. I purchased 31 pinballs from a company who no longer wanted to operate them. Most were dead or not working properly and all of them were extremely dirty. I wanted to provide reliable, clean and properly working games for the home market that played like they were intended to play when they first came from the factory. I restored the games one by one, then sold them locally and on eBay. Not only did I love working on the games but I wanted to bring the best costumer service possible within the industry. In 2006 I was able to leave my full time job of 19 years to pursue my dream of bringing pinball to the home market. The company had grown large enough for me to become reliant on it and I have been giving the business my all ever since.

I specialize in pinball sales, restorations, servicing and parts for the home and commercial market. I guarantee the most reliable new and used games, best quality, and costumer service and support that cannot be matched in the Calgary, AB. Canada area.

I have over 25 years background repairing pinballs from all eras and 16 years providing a beneficial and opportune business experience. You can call me direct at (403) 807-2382 Monday-Saturday 8am to 7pm MST. Closed Sundays Or email me anytime.

This is my passion and I promise to make your pinball buying/repair experience trouble free. If it’s not right, we’ll make it right!