Jersey Jack Pinball Presents:
The Hobbit Standard & LE Models

A new & colorful pinball experience
awaits again from JJP! Built on a
widebody platform, The Hobbit
pinball is loaded with action with a
27’ LCD Screen and a 7 speaker 2.1
Digital Audio System! Journey through the world’s greatest adventure with the hobbit Bilbo Baggins and 13 Dwarves led by Thorin Oakenshield as they reclaim the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor. Finally reaching the Lonely Mountain, they face their greatest danger – The Dragon Smaug!

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Stern Pinball Presents:

Pro, Premium and LE Models The
Ghostbusters pinball experience
highlights the humor of the film as the
player progresses through the game. The
game also includes custom speech by
original “Ghostbusters” cast member, Ernie
Hudson, who guides the player into becoming the newest member of the Ghostbusters team!

The Premium and Limited Edition models also feature an interactive ghost hologram target with animations, “para-normal” magnetic action slingshots, distinctive ramp architecture and additional custom molded toys.

All models feature beautiful and unique hand drawn art by renowned illustrator Jeremy Packer a.k.a. Zombie Yeti.

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